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Another Round

I’m not really sure what to write, but I know that I do need to write. Just let it out. Whatever “it” is. I don’t know myself, not right now.

I’m definitely stressed. Or worried. Are they the same thing? Maybe, maybe not.

The kids have both been asleep for some time now. It is AMAZING. I had forgotten what quiet was like, what it’s like to reset. It helps to be able to sit in silence for a while, focus on something besides the squirming, grimy little hands clawing me, the mouths constantly calling out for attention. Just… Silence. Pure golden silence, besides the little breaths escaping their mouths.

Things get better. I have to remind myself of that. Make it my mantra.



My name is Bran. I live in Texas and am studying mechanical engineering. I'm the mother of two angel babies. I had my rainbow baby on 21 April 2014 at 5:55 PM!

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