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I’m Gonna Be A… Surrogate!

This is something that I really need to keep track of, that really needs an outlet. And so, like many times before, here I am starting anew. This is a very important journey and time in my life. I know I will have a lot of feelings and a lot of things will be going on with this, so I think it’s very important that I have a place to document all this.

I recently met a couple in a polyamorous relationship. They are in a closed quad, and I absolutely love their dynamic. I’ll be keeping their names out of this for their privacy, especially since they aren’t out yet. For various reasons, the two women of the quad, M and B, can’t have any more children. Both m/f couples in the quad have children from previous relationships but neither of them have children together. While both couples want a baby, it was M who originally approached me about being a surrogate for her and her husband K. If all goes well, I will likely end up being a surrogate for B and her husband J.

We are still in the very early stages of all this. I have tried to be as open and honest with them as possible and I feel they are doing the same to me. We have talked and exchanged pictures. The conversations are still slightly awkward, but I have no worries about asking them questions whenever they pop into my head. I think that we will get along and hopefully can bring a baby into the world for them.

The current plan is to meet in December about halfway between our two cities in Austin and then start trying in February after Frankie and I move to Dallas, which is only four hours from where they live. I am tracking my periods and they sent me some opks so that I can track my ovulation as well to see if the predictions are matching up with the actual time that I ovulate.

I’m so so excited about this as I have wanted to be a surrogate for a long time. I wish they weren’t so far away and we could start trying immediately. It seems like distance is always the problem in these kinds of things.

For now, I just have to hold onto that excitement and wait. I know that the time will fly by with everything else that I have going on, which I also hope to update on this blog. I always say that I hope I can keep this blog active but never do. I have to do it this time though. I need to chronicle this amazing journey I’m about to start.