My Family

My core family consists of, of course, me, my beautiful wife, and our beautiful children. On this page, I’ll have a little biography of my wife and kids.



IMG_1015Frank is my beautiful wife. We met back in 2012 through a mutual friend. Originally, I didn’t have much of an interest in her, but her persistence was charming and I agreed to go on a date with her. The rest is history. She is male to female transgender, currently pre-hormones, but very soon to start hormones if all goes well. She is a professional chef and an extremely hard worker. She enjoys Marvel, much like I do, and loves to learn things about cooking and watching anime.

She has a really hard time staying focused and, surprisingly, has no interest in video games. She’s pretty handy around the house but hates washing dishes (really, who doesn’t?). She loves animals and is extremely likeable and sociable. She has an easy time getting things done, but can be kind of unreliable when you ask her to do something. She’s head over heels for me and always tries to make me feel better when I’m down.


IMG_2344Note is our beautiful daughter who was born 21 April 2014. She is a twinless twin, meaning that she lost her twin. In her case, she lost her twin early on in the womb. My pregnancy with her went pretty smoothly, besides for the fact that my mother disowned me due to not agreeing to have an abortion.

She is rambunctious and was originally raised gender neutral to allow her the option to be herself without judgement from family and friends. She is very girly and loves princesses, bows, and dresses. Her favorite thing right now is Frozen and she only just recently got out of the habit of refusing to wear anything other than an Elsa or Anna dress, even when out in public.

She’s pretty smart and talks a fair amount, but I don’t think more/better than any other kid her age. She’s extremely independent and loves to do everything on her own. She rarely asks me for anything unless she absolutely can’t do it by herself.


Treble is our sweet little one due on 15 October 2016. I can’t wait for the arrival of my new baby!