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Official Due Date!

img_4602We went to our first prenatal appointment today! I thought I was 9 weeks 6 days, but when they did the ultrasound, the baby only measured 5 weeks 6 days. I have been using September 15th as my due date based on my period, but I was giving my new, official due date of October 15th. That means that I caught this pregnancy super early! We did get to see the heartbeat, but it was too early to hear it. We should be able to hear it at our next appointment on 1 March. Now that I am getting further along, I’m getting some of the nausea like I had for Note. I suppose with Note it came so much quicker because I was carrying twins in the beginning. Definitely only one baby this time around, unless I lost the twin very early like I did last pregnancy, but I really don’t feel I was ever carrying more than one this pregnancy. Now that I’ve seen our newest addition, I feel a lot of that dread has eased from my heart and I’m properly excited about this pregnancy once more.

img_4582I’m kind of sad to lose about a month off the time I had thought I had completed for this pregnancy. That means it will be one extra month before I get to hold this little one in my arms. I know this pregnancy will pass by much faster than Note’s, however, now that I have a little toddler to chase after. I’m also excited by the fact that Ramzi Method says this baby should be a boy. Gender doesn’t matter much to us and we are still going Team Green, but it is something fun to guess. We will know in eight months!

Overall, my symptoms have been getting stronger and stronger, particularly the morning sickness. I found that milk really upsets my stomach more than other foods, so I’m trying to avoid it and get my calcium from other sources. Maybe I will try some kind of almond milk or something. I’m sure Note would like to try that too. Regular milk upsets their stomach.

I had some tenderness in my breast, but that has disappeared. Perhaps in the beginning it had to do with quitting breastfeeding. The weaning went pretty well. Note still asks me for milk sometimes, but I usually just distract them with something else or say “not right now” and they forget about it. I miss breastfeeding them though, and I am considering starting it back up once they get over their yeast infection, as they do have it in their mouth as well, and the last thing I need is for yeast to cultivate on my nipples.

Overall, I’m really enjoying pregnancy! I hope that the morning sickness goes away. I can’t handle it if I have morning sickness as severe and for as long as I did with Note. It will be way too hard to keep up and keep functioning!



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Número Dos

Or, actually, number FOUR, when including my angel babies, but this will, hopefully, be my second earth baby should everything go over smoothly.

I recently stopped breastfeeding Note as they went to spend some time with Frank’s grandmother to give me a little break. I kept pumping to keep myself from getting full and uncomfortable, but within a week of pumping, I found that my milk pretty much completely dried up. I was only getting four ounces a day when I first started, so I suppose it shouldn’t have been a big surprise. I think quitting breastfeeding is what allowed me to get pregnant. We have been using birth control intermittently since Note was born but haven’t gotten pregnant until now.

My cycles are really long, and only got longer in the last six months, and are currently averaging 40 days. According to that, my due date is 29 September. According to just the date of my last period and the standard due date calculator, my due date is 15 September, so a two week difference which can mean a lot. My last period, I bled for two weeks, so I don’t think either of those due dates are accurate. I was supposed to have an appointment today, but the insurance messed up my billing stuff, so I’m currently uninsured. I took a pregnancy test on 20 January and it came out negative, but when I took a test a week later on 28 January, it was positive. Because of this, I’m thinking I’m closer to five weeks.

I’ve been much more tired this pregnancy than with the others, but I have no other symptoms. I was so scared I would be getting morning sickness my entire pregnancy like with Note, but I’ve been lucky, at least this far. It kind of makes me worried, however, that something is wrong, and it doesn’t help that I can’t go check on the baby until the insurance thing is fixed. I’ve been kind of crampy too, which I thought didn’t really happen in the next pregnancies since the uterus was already kind of stretched. Overall, this pregnancy is extremely different. It makes me think this baby might be the opposite gender as Note, which the Chinese Gender Calendar also predicts. Like Note, we’ll wait to see until after the birth.

I’m very excited, over the moon honestly, which makes me think that with Note I really did have a severe case of prenatal depression, but because of my own pride and thoughts of how I should feel about pregnancy, I never got any help.

This baby’s nickname is Treble so far. I think we’re keeping that. Frank’s mom wanted to only use that for a boy, but we need something to call the baby. Lyrick, Allegro, and Legato are all on the list too though. Maybe we’ll change it, maybe not.

I’m going to be posting a few of the things I have in my draft folder to go ahead and keep that information relevant.~ Below is a belly shot! I’m a little chunkier now than I was before I had Note. Hoping to keep my weight under control since I don’t have morning sickness to deal with this time around.


5/7 Week Belly Shot


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Hope Box

First outfit in the Hope Box. Note has a matching outfit too.

I started a Hope Box, filled with all the things I wanted my future child to have, when I was around sixteen, so way before Note was even born and I could even think about having children. Now, Note has used everything in that box and left it as hand-me-downs for a second child. I’ve decided to start another hope Box, filled with things I want for my second child. I’m not sure what exactly will go in it as I already have almost everything for a second baby when I have one. Baby #2 is affectionately nicknamed “Numero Dos” until the time of conception (hopefully soon!), then we’ll give them a real nickname like we gave Note.

So far the box contains one outfit, pictured on the left, and a pretty nice newborn stash of cloth diapers, primarily BumGenius newborn AIOs. We used tiny gDiapers with Note, and I just remember hating them, but a year and a half later, I can’t remember why I hated them. We never had a blow out, so it can’t be that. We used them on Note for a week, until the umbilical stump fell off, then switched to small gDiapers and one-size Charlie Banana. I loved the small gDiapers, which was strange considering I hated the tiny ones. My newborn stash is far from complete. I know myself, and I know I’ll be buying many more diapers before I finally decide “This is a good stash.”

At this point, we primarily have a stash consisting of pocket diapers, but their need to be stuffed before use has proven too time consuming to keep up with now that I have a child who runs around (and likes to disorganize and sometimes unstuff said diapers). Because of this, the covers and AIOs in our stash are what we use the most. I decided to go the AIO route for the next kid as I doubt with two children I’ll have the time to be stuffing diapers. I know I have a few pictures of my stash laying around somewhere, but I can’t find them in the massive sea of Note pictures.

While I feel absolutely and positively ready for another child, something in the back of my mind has also left me wondering if I should hold off on another. If Frank has his way, as he probably will, we won’t have another for a few years anyway. This would probably be better for Note as we’re still breastfeeding. I’m not quite ready to give up that bond yet, but I am 100% most definitely ready for night weaning to happen. Note wakes up 3-5 times a night, which is really starting to take its toll on me. Honestly, I got more rest when Note was a newborn.