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Baby Fever

I love newborns, and I absolutely loved Note as a newborn (Note as a toddler is a different story). I have the worst case of baby fever right now. I want to be pregnant. I want to feel a little baby moving inside my belly once more. I want to feel that wonder and excitement as I realize my child is inside me. Everything about pregnancy (except the horrible morning sickness for the entire time) was wonderful to me. Note’s birth and my labor was amazing and beautiful. That part I would do over a million times.

I stated earlier that I had started a Hope Box. Yesterday, thanks to an amazing Black Friday sale at Target, I added two new items to the Hope Box. I also found some amazing The Little Prince themed baby items that I will definitely be going back for slowly (they’re pricey, ouch). I had already decided that the theme for the next baby would be The Little Prince regardless of gender (although I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a boy!) so the arrival of this stuff at Target is some kind of sign for me. Anyway, it is because of The Little Prince theme that I’m also doing a lot of foxes for the next baby. I’m not sure if I want to get rid of Note’s old stuff since their theme was monkey and none of it really goes with The Little Prince, so it’s hanging around for now. I wanted to keep all the kids on the same nursery theme, but now I really want to change it for some reason.

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Hope Box

First outfit in the Hope Box. Note has a matching outfit too.

I started a Hope Box, filled with all the things I wanted my future child to have, when I was around sixteen, so way before Note was even born and I could even think about having children. Now, Note has used everything in that box and left it as hand-me-downs for a second child. I’ve decided to start another hope Box, filled with things I want for my second child. I’m not sure what exactly will go in it as I already have almost everything for a second baby when I have one. Baby #2 is affectionately nicknamed “Numero Dos” until the time of conception (hopefully soon!), then we’ll give them a real nickname like we gave Note.

So far the box contains one outfit, pictured on the left, and a pretty nice newborn stash of cloth diapers, primarily BumGenius newborn AIOs. We used tiny gDiapers with Note, and I just remember hating them, but a year and a half later, I can’t remember why I hated them. We never had a blow out, so it can’t be that. We used them on Note for a week, until the umbilical stump fell off, then switched to small gDiapers and one-size Charlie Banana. I loved the small gDiapers, which was strange considering I hated the tiny ones. My newborn stash is far from complete. I know myself, and I know I’ll be buying many more diapers before I finally decide “This is a good stash.”

At this point, we primarily have a stash consisting of pocket diapers, but their need to be stuffed before use has proven too time consuming to keep up with now that I have a child who runs around (and likes to disorganize and sometimes unstuff said diapers). Because of this, the covers and AIOs in our stash are what we use the most. I decided to go the AIO route for the next kid as I doubt with two children I’ll have the time to be stuffing diapers. I know I have a few pictures of my stash laying around somewhere, but I can’t find them in the massive sea of Note pictures.

While I feel absolutely and positively ready for another child, something in the back of my mind has also left me wondering if I should hold off on another. If Frank has his way, as he probably will, we won’t have another for a few years anyway. This would probably be better for Note as we’re still breastfeeding. I’m not quite ready to give up that bond yet, but I am 100% most definitely ready for night weaning to happen. Note wakes up 3-5 times a night, which is really starting to take its toll on me. Honestly, I got more rest when Note was a newborn.